Conflict. Betrayal. Determination. The Story Begins

The story of Gurdial Singh and his company is an incredible one.

Gurdial Singh was born in 1924, the youngest of 5. He grew up in Singapore, in a deeply religious, hard working family. His interest in sports started when he boldly offered to trade a shop owner: a bicycle for free advertising as he rode it around town. After WW2 and the Great Depression, Gill decided it was time to get married and start a business. Selling anything and everything he could, he continued cycling, and also picked up tennis. That’s when he started to appreciate the importance of good quality sporting equipment.

The sports dealers he worked with thought he’d last less than 6 months. In 1959 he bought his shop outright.

G.S.Gill Sdn. Bhd (known as G.S.Gill Sports) was built slowly, on the strong foundation of trustworthiness and quality that came from Singh’s personal values. He also relentlessly invested back into the Malaysian sporting community, sponsoring sportspeople at every level from local school soccer teams to competitive athletes and Olympians. He even single handedly brought Adidas to Malaysia in the 70s and 80s through an exclusive partnership.
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And Lives On

Although the cultural tumult has calmed down, and Tan Sri Gurdial Singh Gill himself is no longer with us, G.S.Gill Sports remains as solid a part of Malaysian culture and history as ever. It’s also remained a family business. His 2 daughters and grandson Mahaveer continue to carry the torch into modern times. Launching the website and online store is the first of many steps forward, and marks an exciting new chapter: The continuation of a rich history into an exciting future. For G.S.Gill Sports and Malaysia.
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Better than a blockbuster.
The G.S.Gill Story.

The story of G.S.Gill - not just the business but the man behind it, is incredibly rich, filled with so many twists and turns that it couldn’t possibly be made up. It’s a riveting story with a richly historical and cultural backdrop - and it’s been collected into a book for you.
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